Isle’ de CANDO

Amazing adventure of self discovery in imagination Sector CANDO Kingdom of the isles where Captain CANDO & The Golden Voyage sail destination journey routes to the Isle, where adventures along CANDO Trails wherein at CANDO School in Treasure Valley you attain the Treasure Of You.


  the Kingdom of CANDO & The CANDO Attitude Sector CANDO is the Constellation CANDO Engine drive skill set that sails you to Isle ‘de CANDO with the CANDO Attitude and conviction that whatever needs to be done, will get done, no matter challenge or obstacle as simply mathematically those with the “CANDO Attitude” project confidence and optimism that they can do it ~ and consequently  do ~ do it!

So here’s an opportunity to get to know the Captain. To read excerpts click on “Captain CANDO & the GOLDEN VOYAGE.” CAPTAINCANDO&THEVOYAGE3


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